Please take the following quiz in order to receive your Continuing Education Units.

Complete each of the following multiple choice questions based on the webinar you completed. Choose your BEST answer to each of the following questions. 

* 1. John is a 30 year old metal worker who has been gambling heavily on scratch-off tickets for the past four years. John is seeking treatment at the request of his father who has loaned him a significant amount of money in order to get him out of debt. Using a Motivational Interviewing (MI) approach, the therapist should...

* 2. A MI approach is best described as which of the following? 

* 3. Which of the following statements best exemplifies the directive component of MI?

* 4. Referring to the OARS, which of the following communication techniques could be used to reinforce change talk?

* 5. MI is similar to Humanistic Psychotherapy in which way? 

* 6. Which of the following approaches should be taken when encountering ambivalence? 

* 7. When a client has few reasons for change and many reasons against change, which Stage of Change would hey most likely be experiencing?

* 8. From a MI perspective, "resistance" from the client is the result of which of the following? 

* 9. How should a therapist best express their own concerns about a client's choices or decisions? 

* 10. Which of the following factors predict behavior change directly:

* 11. When summarizing what a client has said, in what order should you present instances of change talk (client's reasons for change) and sustain talk (client's reasons against change)? 

* 12. What is the "Good and Not So Good" exercise designed to do? 

* 13. What is the best way to improve MI skills?

* 14. Which of the following best describes an open-ended question?

* 15. When combining MI with another treatment approach (e.g. CBT), when should the therapist utilize MI interventions? 

Please help us to better serve our members by answering the following evaluation questions:

* 16. Presenter was knowledgeable on the topic area

* 17. Workshop Content Feedback

  Strongly Disagree Somewhat Disagree Neither Agree nor Disagree Somewhat Agree Strongly Agree
Information presented was clear and well organized
Provided new resources which I can use in my work
I learned new information
Workshop content was relevant to topic

* 18. Participant Skill Development Feedback

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Neither Agree Nor Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
The information and skills provided in this session will be used in my work?
The information provided will improve my work with clients?
The information provided has increased my comfort level in working with clients and their families?

* 19. What did you learn in today's workshop that you anticipate using in your work with clients and their family members?

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* 20. Please provide us with your contact information 

* 21. Social Work License Number 

Thank you! Your Continuing Education Certificate will be emailed to you in 5-7 days.