SA Climate Ready is an initiative aiming to improve the quality of life of all residents of San Antonio and make the city and its people and businesses better prepared to face expected changes in climate. An essential part of this process is to engage our community to better understand the collective vision and priorities of our citizens. This helps ensure that the Climate Action and Adaptation Plan will serve to benefit all San Antonians. We appreciate you hosting a meeting and your feedback.  This survey will take about 3-5 minutes to complete.

* 1. Meeting-in-a-Box Host Name?

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* 5. In a few words, what is your VISION for a climate-ready San Antonio by 2040 and beyond? What does it look like for San Antonio to address the impacts of our changing climate on our neighborhoods, businesses, and transportation and energy systems? How do we do our part to reduce our contribution of greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to a changing climate? How do we make sure that all San Antonians share and benefit from this vision?

* 6. What are some of the specific elements of the group's vision of a Climate Ready SA? (Check your top five.)

* 7. What are your PRIORITIES for a climate-ready San Antonio? What do you think is important in the planning process? What is important to address in the outcome of the plan?

* 8. Additional thoughts or comments: