Your Input Is Important

Dear Customer,
Our team at Milton Hydro (MH) is currently working on preparing our 2023 Rate Application for the Ontario Energy Board (OEB) which regulates how much Milton Hydro can charge customers for delivery of electricity. As part of our planning process, we’d like your thoughts on our investment priorities for the coming years, which in turn, will determine the rates that we will apply for, and if approved, will become the basis used to set rates from 2023 through 2027.
Our survey covers five areas. We provide some context, and then ask for your input:
  1. Brief background on Milton Hydro and the Ontario electricity industry
  2. Your priorities for electricity delivery
  3. Milton Hydro 2.0 - Your future electricity needs and how we are transforming the company to be future ready, resilient, digitally modernized, and customer-centric.
  4. Your feedback on our proposed investment plans and the bottom line – how this affects your electricity bill.
  5. Your thoughts on how we can best communicate with you in the future about these plans and some demographic questions.
For our residential customers only, to thank you for completing the survey, eligible survey respondents† will be entered into a draw for one of two Apple iPads. Subject to the rules described in detail at the end of the survey, you need to answer all the required questions (marked with a “✽”) and provide your contact information, and you will be entered into the draw. Winners will be selected randomly from eligible survey respondents and will be notified by a member of our team at Milton Hydro.
We want to assure you that your survey responses are confidential. You will not be identified as the source of any feedback that you provide. Decision Partners, an independent research company retained by Milton Hydro, will collect the data and produce a summary report which will be submitted to the OEB as part of our Rate Application. The report will not identify anyone as the source of any feedback.†† Decision Partners will conduct the random draw and provide the winners' names to Milton Hydro separately from the survey report (see contest rules at the end of the survey). If you have any questions about the survey, you can contact Decision Partners at (519) 344-3232 or Milton Hydro at (289) 971-8177.
On behalf of our team at Milton Hydro, I’d like to thank you for taking the time to learn about our planning and providing your feedback through this survey. Your input is important to us. We look forward to hearing from you.
Thank you in advance for your participation. Have a safe and happy autumn!

Troy Hare
President and CEO
Milton Hydro 

†The survey is open to all Milton Hydro residential and commercial customers, however, the draw is limited to residential customers only. One entry per customer account. Prize will be awarded to the person listed as the contact name associated with the customer account.

†† If you would like more information on Decision Partners’ Privacy Policy, you can view it at:
5% of survey complete.