City of Wadsworth residents and visitors are invited to take this quick survey to share their feelings about the essence of Wadsworth.  The feedback you provide will help us form Wadsworth’s “brand.”  It is essential for communities to create and maintain a brand that connects to an authentic and unique experience that is constantly delivered.  Marketing is important for communities as they compete for businesses, residents, and visitors.  Our goal with this community branding and brand development project is to complete a unique and memorable identity for Wadsworth, and to market this to surrounding geographic areas.  
What is a Brand?  A genuine/distinct identity and character of a community that sets it apart from another.
What is a Logo? A strong visual identity contributing to a clearer understanding of local character.
What is a Tagline? A catchphrase or slogan, used to advertise and reinforce the essence of a community, product or service.
What is our History?  The City of Wadsworth was founded in 1814 and named after General Elijah Wadsworth, a Revolutionary War Hero.  The historic strike-anywhere blue tip matches were once manufactured here and this is where we get our City logo and our Blue Tip Festival.   The City of Wadsworth offers residents many amenities, including a historic downtown, excellent schools, numerous parks and recreational facilities, along with comprehensive public utilities. 

* 1. What is your age group?

* 2. If you live in Wadsworth - how many years?

* 3. Please use three words to describe Wadsworth.

* 4. Please list your three favorite places in Wadsworth.

* 5. Please list your three favorite things to do in Wadsworth.

* 6. Please list three top strengths of Wadsworth.

* 7. Please list three images that reflect Wadsworth.

* 8. If you could create a motto/slogan/tagline for Wadsworth, what would it be?  For the Downtown?

* 9. What three images come to mind when you think of downtown Wadsworth?

* 10. What are the three most important historical features of downtown Wadsworth?

* 11. Pretend your job is to sell Wadsworth to someone who is not familiar with Wadsworth.  What do you say to encourage them to move their residence and/or business here?

* 12. Thinking about the future, how would you like to see Wadsworth portrayed in the next 10 years?  What characteristics/icons/images would embody Wadsworth's future?

Thank you for your time.  Survey responses will be reviewed at the Community Branding Public Meeting on August 29th at 7 pm at City Hall, Council Chambers, 120 Maple Street, Wadsworth.  Please plan on joining us.