Kuesioner Citra Positif Indonesia (Indonesia's Positive Image Questionnaire)

Questionnaire by Indonesian Embassy for Kingdom of Norway and accredited to the Republic of Iceland, in Oslo, Norway.

Please take a few minutes to let us know what you think about Indonesia and its positive image. Your opinion will be valued and use to shape further activities by the Embassy. Thank you.

* 1. Indonesia is a democratic country and is committed to the rule of law as well as the furtherance of human rights. (Indonesia adalah negara demokratis dan berkomitmen terhadap penegakan hukum serta pemajuan HAM)

* 2. The political and security environment in Indonesia are stable and conducive. (Kondisi politik dan keamanan di Indonesia stabil dan kondusif)

* 3. Indonesia is an attractive and conducive country to invest in, where the government is not only committed to support its economic growth but also plays a strong role in attaining its potentials. (Indonesia merupakan negara yang menarik dan kondusif untuk berinvestasi yang didukung oleh komitmen pemerintah Indonesia yang kuat dan potensi ekonomi yang besar)

* 4. Indonesia is a prospective trading partner. (Indonesia merupakan mitra dagang yang prospektif)

* 5. Indonesia is an attractive tourism destination with its diverse tourism objects. (Keragaman obyek pariwisata Indonesia membuat Indonesia menjadi tujuan wisata yang menarik)

* 6. Indonesia's huge potential in marine sector exposes prospective foreign cooperation. (Potensi kelautan Indonesia yang besar membuka peluang kerja sama yang prospektif)

* 7. Indonesia is known as a multicultural country with the biggest moderate Moslem population. (Indonesia dikenal sebagai negara multikultural dengan penduduk muslim moderat terbesar di dunia)

* 8. Diversified cultural background within Indonesia makes it an attractive nation for the local population. (Indonesia memiliki keanekaragaman budaya yang unik dan menarik minat masyarakat setempat)

* 9. Indonesia is known as the country which initiated the tolerance and interfaith dialogue to pertain a peaceful atmosphere in the nation. (Indonesia dikenal sebagai negara yang memprakarsai toleransi dan kerukunan antar umat beragama (interfaith dialogue))

* 10. How likely are you to get to know Indonesia better and plan a visit to Indonesia. (Seberapa besar keinginan anda untuk mengenal Indonesia lebih baik dan berkunjung ke Indonesia)