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The WinS mapping site will be expanded to include key MHM information from across the globe. The MHM in WinS website aims to encourage momentum, improve coordination and increase advocacy, knowledge and experience exchange among WinS practitioners and advocates on MHM. It may also provide a baseline for the global and national status of MHM in 2015 – at the start of the SDG period.
For each country, the website will include; A) core MHM in WinS information, and B) a brief, narrative overview (1-2 pages maximum) on the status of MHM in WinS. For those countries that do not have sufficient capacity to complete the brief overview; or where there are no significant MHM related activities or initiatives the core information only will be provided at this stage.

It is expected that the WinS network coordination groups (that exist in several countries) will compile the MHM in WinS information and this will be uploaded on the network website. In countries where there is no WinS network, a lead organization working on MHM in WinS will complete the information, as far as possible in collaboration with other organizations, to collect and validate the information. The MHM in WinS mapping site will be launched at this year’s MHM virtual conference (22 October 2015) and shared at the WinS session at UNC Water and Health Conference.

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