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You are being asked to participate in a study, which has been designed to investigate and analyze the factors that influence the assessment practices of credentialed California School Psychologists.  The study is unique in that it will seek to understand those factors related to you personally at the school and district level, while analyzing the impact of such factors upon the application of ‘best scientific practices’ for accurate assessment. A compendium of best scientific practices – as noted by federal and state laws – will provide the context for validity, reliability, and legality of all actions when utilized to identify students for special education services in the K-12 academic environment. 
The study will be conducted until a random normative sample has been achieved from all licensed and/or retired CA School Psychologists. A summary of results is projected to be published no later than December 31, 2022. Data provided will be forwarded to the union and the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) to aid in legislation designed to protect School Psychologists and stop administrative and district-level abuse of best practice guidelines for assessment across the state.

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* 1. Your part in the research involves participation in a survey via confidential online collection tool at a date and time of your choosing, yet within the parameters of the study period.  You will be asked many questions and your answers will be categorized, counted, and documented for explanation. The survey will include questions about your current practices for the assessment and evaluation of students under your care, your personal beliefs about the assessments and procedures employed during psychoeducational evaluation, the school- and district-level challenges you face to meet the demands of ‘best scientific practices,’ and your beliefs about the application of the methodology required to reach a determination and ensure successful intervention. We want you to know that you may choose to skip any questions that you don’t feel comfortable answering, you are free to withdraw from this study at any time, and that there are no negative consequences for you, your academic setting, your local education agency, or your career as a credentialed school psychologist as result of participation, or lack thereof, in this study.   

If you understand the procedures noted in this document, have had opportunity to ask questions, and you agree to the terms of this study, please provide your consent below.

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* 2. No risks or discomfort are expected. All information you provide will be completely confidential, and at no time will your identity be revealed. Only the researcher who has designed the survey, and a member of the project staff who will transcribe and code your responses, will have access to your responses. If you engage in a phone-related discussion or interview associated with your survey responses, the conversation will be audiotaped, assigned a code number in the typed transcript, and the audiotape destroyed as soon as the transcription is complete (within two weeks of the date of the interview). The transcript will be kept in a locked file cabinet in a secure, private office on the campus of La Sierra University. Information will be analyzed on a group basis only—no individual responses will be divulged. It is possible that deliberating these issues may elicit some negative emotions or identify things that warrant additional discussion with a professional.  Although we are not able to provide any funding or compensation to do so, should the need arise, we encourage you to contact the La Sierra Wellness Center at (951) 785-2200 or via email at

Consent: If you understand the risks or discomfort noted above, have had the opportunity to ask questions, and you agree to the terms of this study, please provide your consent below.

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* 3. The benefits of this research will include: (a) examining issues that are important to you as a credentialed school psychologist; (b) contributing to the knowledge base regarding the proper assessment of K-12 children for special education services (e.g., best scientific practices) according to federal and state laws; and, (c) the opportunity to obtain a report of the final results if desired (if you do wish to receive a copy of the final report, please notify the researcher today, or contact the researcher at a later time using the information provided below).

Consent: If you understand the benefits of this research, have had the opportunity to ask questions, and you agree to the terms of this study, please provide your consent below.

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