1. Dog Park

* 1. Are you a Fort Oglethorpe resident?

* 2. How many dog(s) do you own?

* 3. Have you been to a dog park before?

* 4. Do you think Fort Oglethorpe could benefit from an area where dogs could safely play off leash?

* 5. If Fort Oglethorpe had a safe dog park, how many times a week do you feel you would visit?

* 6. What is most important to you for a safe dog park? (Rank 1-8, 1 most important)

* 7. If plaques or other commemorative items were sold to raise money to build the dog park, would you consider investing in one if the cost was:

* 8. What is your greatest concern about having a dog park in Fort Oglethorpe

* 9. Would you be willing to volunteer or participate if the city constructs a Dog Park?

* 10. Do you have any additional comments or concerns?

* 11. If you would be willing to volunteer or participate with a Dog Park in the City of Fort Oglethorpe, please leave your contact information: