Thank you for helping us help mineral owners with post production deductions!

This year NARO has been hearing the frustration of our membership over Post Production Deductions (PPD).  Nationally this issue has risen to a concerning level. 

At National Convention in October 2016 it was announced that a Post-Production Deduction (PPD) Committee had been formed.

The questions that follow will, hopefully, cover all of your deduction situations.  It is very important that our committee is able to review leases (and the corroborating account statements)  that mineral owners feel have excessive or prohibited deductions.  Feel free to redact any information that you are not comfortable sharing.  

Please send leases and recent account statements to Cynthia Simonds, NARO National Development Director at or NARO, PPD Committee c/o Cynthia Simonds 15 W. 6th Street Suite 2626 Tulsa Ok 74119.  If you have multiple wells, send information for each well and feel free to take the survey for each well/operator with different deduction practices or categories.

For questions about this project please call 800-558-0557.

Please submit the survey no later than February 15, 2017.  Thank you for assisting NARO with this very important issue.

* 1. In what State(s) is/are your minerals/royalty located?

* 2. Please list the companies from whom you receive royalty revenue.

* 3. When answering Questions 5-14, please consider only one operator/lease.  We would like to encourage you to take this survey for each operator you work with providing feedback/opinions for each of them independently.  
Which operator are you thinking of in this survey as you answer questions 5-14?

* 4. Does your Lessee(s)/Operator(s) treat you fairly?

* 5. Does your lease expressly prohibit gathering/transportation deductions?

* 6. Does your lease expressly prohibit compression fees?

* 7. Does your lease expressly prohibit other deductions?

* 8. What deductions do you see listed on your revenue statement?
Please type them from your most recent royalty statement in the box below that corresponds with the category your operator assigned them on the statement.  Please put the amount of the deduction.
Please provide a copy (electronic preferred) of your most recent royalty statement(s) to if you are willing to.

* 9. Have you ever received a negative revenue statement?

* 10. Have you ever been asked to repay an overpayment of royalties?

* 11.  What concerns do you have regarding your royalty revenue?

* 12. Would you be willing to share a copy of your Lease agreement?

* 13. If you were negotiating a lease today would you choose a lower cost-free royalty rate with restricted deductions such as gas processing and compression costs?

* 14. Have you contacted the lessee/payor to ask for an explaination of the nature and purpose for the deductions? If so, please provide their response.

* 15. Additional comments you'd like to add?

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