Recognition Program Overview

CareerSTAT’s Frontline Healthcare Worker Champion Program recognizes organizations making significant investments in their frontline workers. Organizations are selected for using workforce development strategies that promote frontline career progression and provide workers with accessible training & skills development opportunities. Representing healthcare organizations from across the country, Champions demonstrate best practices presented in the CareerSTAT Guide to Investing in the Frontline Healthcare Workforce

Selection as a Frontline Healthcare Worker Champion gives employers national recognition for their workforce development strategies. Each organization receives customized marketing materials, is featured in CareerSTAT communications, and provided access to peer learning and technical assistance to further program advancement.
The top award from CareerSTAT recognizes national leaders investing in the skill and career development of their employees. Champions meet all recognition criteria listed below.
Emerging Champions
This award recognizes employers who are in the earlier stages of investing in the skill and career development of their employees. They meet some, but not all, of the recognition criteria, and gain access to technical assistance to help advance their programs. 

  1. Eligibility:  Individual employers, healthcare workforce collaboratives, and labor-management partnerships are all eligible to apply to the recognition program.
  2. Programming:  Workforce development programs are in operation at least 2 years. Champion organizations offer at least 6 program characteristics that make learning and advancement accessible to frontline workers; Emerging Champion organizations offer 3 characteristics.
  3. Scale:  At least 50 workers or 10% of total frontline workers participate in at least one program.
  4. Data Collection & Outcomes: Employer collects program and participant data, including training outcomes, credential attainment, career advancement, wage progression, and Return on Investment (ROI) data demonstrating benefit to employer. Champions collect data in at least two areas; Emerging Champions collect data in at least one area. 
  5. Sustainability & Operations:  Program demonstrates senior leader support, plans for growth and expansion, sustained organizational support through dedicated operating funds, dedicated staff devoted to workforce development.
  6. Impact:  Ability to share individual story of an employee who benefited directly from the program.
Application and related materials are due Friday, February 28, 2019.
A PDF of the survey questions is located on the CareerSTAT website. Recommendation: type responses in a separate document and then copy and paste responses in this online application. Respondents should plan to complete the online survey in one session. Closing the survey will delete your responses. Please note, additional required materials are listed at the end of the form.