We've had over half a century of fantastic innovation in technology. Today, we have access to things, information, money and the power to influence that puts us in the top tier of people on the planet. But these accomplishments have come at a cost, to us and our families, the most essential things in life. We seem successful to the world but peace, fulfillment and contentment (life satisfaction, as they are collectively called) are elusive and momentary at best. And, there seems to be no end in sight to the steady increase in chaos, if we allow it to continue.
We will take the results of this survey to leading technology companies to inspire them to start initiatives in their companies to support their employees. We have seen that once a positive initiative is started in one company it tends to spread virally across the industry.

* 1. How would you rate satisfaction with life at your workplace?

  Not satisfied Partially satisfied Satisfied Very satisfied

* 2. If you are satisfied, what is working well? Or if you are dissatisfied, what do you feel needs to change in your life?

* 3. If it is working well, how are you able to incorporate the above into your life? Or if it is not, how do you envision being able to incorporate the above into your already packed schedule?

* 4. Are you interested in developing spiritual skills to overcome the barriers for a greater sense of satisfaction? If yes, what is your approach?

* 5. If there is one thing that could change in the corporate culture to improve the emotional wellbeing of employees, what would that be?

* 6. How does your work environment handle the subject of emotional and mental well-being of employees?

  Hostile Somewhat hostile Somewhat accepting Accepting

* 7. Would you feel comfortable talking about internal development or personal stress reduction tools with colleagues?

* 8. What other questions should we be asking to accomplish the objective of this survey?

* 9. Would you like us to contact you to share lessons learned from this survey? If so, what is your email? Rest assured, it will not be shared or used for anything else.