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* 1. The use of a company vehicle is an inherent part of your job. It is important to you and the company that you understand and follow the following rules regarding the use of company vehicles. Only you are approved to operate the company vehicle. No members of your family, neighbors or friend my operate vehicle, except in an emergency. 

2. We expect you to operate the vehicle in a safe manner with all traffic laws obeyed at all times. Any violation may be subject to restricted driving privileges, suspension of driving privileges or possible loss of employment. 

3. You are expected to park the vehicle in legal areas intended for such and to lock and safeguard the vehicle at all times. 

4. Any fine or ticket received for any infraction will be paid by the employee in a timely manner. 

5. You are expected to keep vehicle clean and in working condition, with regular maintenance at all times. 

6. You will be responsible for any deductibles that must be paid resulting from a any accident that occurs during non-business use, regardless of who is at fault. 

7. You must obtain permission from a supervisor to operate company vehicle for personal use.

8. Vacation use is not permitted. 

9. Cell phone usage while driving should be kept to a minimum and comply with all Federal, State and Local laws. There should be absolutely no texting and driving. 

I understand the conditions and consequences of the company's policy on company vehicles and agree to adhere to the policy. 

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