We need your input!!!

Meriwether county and all of our cities are working together to develop a comprehensive plan to help guide our future growth. Your input is vital in development of this plan.

We would like to thank you for taking a few moments to take the following survey.

1. Are you?

2. Your age range?

3. Highest education level completed

4. Part A. In what type of community do you live?

5. Part B. Which Community in Meriwether County do you live?

6. How does your community rate for live-ability

7. Of the following, please check the 5 most important to you.

8. Of the following, please check the 5 biggest challenges to your community

9. Which of the following public services are most important to your community

10. What 4 housing options are most needed in our community

11. In addition to property taxes, grants, and loans, what other funding options should the County and Cities consider to fund public services?

12. Please list any services or needs in your community that are important to you but not currently available.