This survey is about bedwetting, but you don’t have to be a bedwetter either now or as a child/teen to participate. Bedwetting is an integral fact of many Regressive Adult Babies lives and feelings. This survey seeks to discover more about it. In this survey, ‘bedwetting’ means with or without diapers unless specifically asked.

* 1. What is your gender?

* 2. How old are you?

* 3. Are you still a bedwetter now? By bedwetting we mean do you pee in your diaper or sheets during the night for whatever reason (accident or deliberate)

* 4. If you have stopped bedwetting, what age did you stop. In this context, ‘stopped’ means less than 3 wet beds a year. Some people start wetting the bed after a time of dryness. We will ask about that later. This question is about the FIRST time you stopped bedwetting for a significant period of time.

* 5. Were either of your parents Bedwetters past the age of 5?

* 6. Were any of your siblings Bedwetters past the age of 5?

* 7. We are all aware that children wet the bed for a period of time and then stop. This is called 'Primary Enuresis'. What does occur for some is that bedwetting recommences again after a few months or even several years. This is called 'Secondary Enuresis'.

Did you stop wetting the bed and then restart again at a later time at least one year later?