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Welcome to this survey.

We are a human rights charity called the British Institute of Human Rights.

We sometimes shorten our name to 'BIHR'.  

We want to know what you think about the plans to change the Mental Health Act. 

We will tell the government what you tell us. 

This survey is about the plans to change the Mental Health Act.
The Mental Health Act is a law in England and Wales that sets out when people can be detained in a hospital for mental health treatment.
In 2017 a report found that the Mental Health Act did not work as well as it should.
Group of people making a plan In January 2021 the government published its plans on changing the Mental Health Act.
A man pointing. The questions on the next pages are for you to tell us what you think.
A man with his hand on his chin, thinking. We will use your answers to help us write about what people think about the changes to the Mental Health Act.
A woman with glasses pointing. We will send you what we write if you tell us your email at the end of the survey (but you do not have to).
A panel of three people sitting at a table. We will send what we write to the people in the government who are planning the changes to the Mental Health Act.
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