25 questions, 10 minutes, £50 prize draw!

GFirst LEP – Making Gloucestershire a MAGNET for young people

We are a group of young researchers working with GFirst, Young Gloucestershire and Participation People.

We want to find out what we should do to make Gloucestershire a ‘Magnet County’ for young people.

For example, what will make young people want to live and work here now and in the future? 

Your answers will help us develop plans to improve Gloucestershire so that it’s a better place to live and work for young people.

We will do this by listening to what you tell us. Then, we will make a plan to improve your skills, develop local infrastructure and enhance local business growth!

This will be part of the Local Industrial Strategy that we are developing with the Government. 

Everything you share is confidential and no one can be identified. 

The survey takes about 10 -12 minutes which is the same time to make and drink a cup of tea! 

The survey is for 14-25 year olds who live, study and or work in Gloucestershire. 

There are 25 questions we need your answers to. There are no right or wrong answers. We want to hear your opinion's, thoughts and feelings. 

As a thank you for your time, we will enter you into a free prize draw to win £50 in vouchers

Question Title

* 1. Do you go to/ have...?

Question Title

* 2. Which school or college do you go to? Or what organisation/ company do you work for?

Question Title

* 3. If you are already working what sector do you work in? Please tick all that apply.

Question Title

* 4. If you aren't currently working or want to move jobs, what sector(s) would you like to work in (tick all that apply)?