1. General reshuffle questions

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Grant Shapps will be a good Conservative Party Chairman.
Andrew Mitchell will be a good Chief Whip.
Jeremy Hunt will be a good Health Secretary.
This was a clever reshuffle which has put effective MPs, like Greg Clark, Michael Fallon and Liz Truss into departments where more economic activity is needed.
One of the best appointments was the appointment of Paul Deighton, the man behind the organisation of the Olympics, to a job focusing on economic delivery.
Because of the constraints of the Coalition the reshuffle won't make a big difference to the direction of the Government.
The reshuffle suggests that David Cameron is focused on economic growth and overcoming Whitehall inertia.
Justine Greening lost her job as Transport Secretary because the leadership is getting ready to U-turn on its policy towards a third runway at Heathrow.
It was an inappropriate use of the honours system for David Cameron to give knighthoods to some of the ministers he sacked.
David Cameron should have given ministerial jobs to David Davis and John Redwood.
It was right for George Osborne to remain as Chancellor.
It was right for Iain Duncan Smith to remain as Work and Pensions Secretary.
It was right for William Hague to remain as Foreign Secretary.
It was right for Theresa May to remain as Home Secretary.
Chris Grayling will be closer to public opinion on prisons and human rights policy than Ken Clarke.
David Laws should not have returned to Government given his misuse of parliamentary expenses.
By putting David Laws into the Department of Education, Nick Clegg is trying to control Michael Gove.
It was irresponsible of Sayeeda Warsi to leak her removal from the Chairman's office to a left-wing journalist.
I am worried that there are not enough women in the Cabinet.
By removing 29 MPs and Whips, David Cameron proved he has a tough streak.
There was too much change in this reshuffle and we now have too many inexperienced ministers.
The promotions for Chris Grayling, Owen Paterson and Theresa Villiers mean Eurosceptics are better represented in the Cabinet.
It is good news that the Liberal Democrats have been removed from the Ministry of Defence.
Ken Clarke is a good media performer and I am glad that his voice will still be heard in Cabinet.
The reshuffle doesn't alter the fact that Cameron, Clegg and Osborne will still take all the big decisions.