Below is the description of work and selection process for the evaluation of instructional materials

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(to be completed if you have been recommended by your superintendent or principal)

Thank you for your interest in the English Language Proficiency Instructional Materials Evaluation for 2014.

You were nominated by an administrator, principal, or supervisor to evaluate Oregon instructional materials. Evaluating instructional materials is a professional experience valued by Oregon educators and occurs only once every six years in the subject matter cycle established by the State Board of Education. It is an honor for educators to be nominated to serve as regional representatives and subject matter specialists.

The form you are completing places you into our qualified "pool of candidates" and provides relevant information regarding the acceptance of a nomination to serve as an evaluator of materials. Oregon Department of Education staff will select final participants based on the following criteria:

-Educational Role: appropriate balance between key stakeholder groups including; classroom teachers, curriculum specialist, and others having experience and expertise in the subject area.
-Grade/Content Expertise: adequate knowledge and expertise with specific grade and content area information that support in identifying characteristics of quality instructional materials.
-Regional Perspective: sufficient geographical representation from across the state.