* 1. Are you currently developing a product that integrates an inertial motion tracking sensor as a surface mount component?

* 2. What is your projected date for product launch?

* 3. What type of product is it?

* 4. Have you found an inertial sensor solution that you are happy with? If so, which component are you using:

* 5. If you are looking for a better inertial motion sensor solution, what areas are the biggest issue for you (check all that are pain points for you):

* 6. For your pain points checked above, what are your target specs?

* 7. Yost Labs is introducing a new class of surface-mount AHRS inertial sensors that provide fully fused sensor outputs at rates up to 1,750Hz at a fraction of the price of previously available sensors of this quality. Are you interested in learning more about this product?

* 8. Contact information

* 9. Additional Comments or Questions

* 10. Are you interested in receiving a free 3-space LX AHRS development kit - our latest ultra-high performance inertial motion sensor?

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