To help us compile the most accurate data possible, please complete the following survey only if your primary responsibilities include managing your organization’s preparation for accrediting organization and/or CMS survey and your organization is located in the United States.

* 1. What is your current salary range?

* 2. What is the highest level of education you've achieved?

* 3. Do you oversee preparation for multiple settings?

* 4. If you answered yes to question 3, please indicate which settings you oversee (select all that apply):

* 5. In what age range do you fall?

* 6. What is your gender?

* 7. What is your job title?

* 8. How long have you held your current position?

* 9. In what region of the country do you work?

* 10. What is the location of your hospital?

* 11. What is the size of your hospital?

* 12. Which accrediting body does your organization use? (Click all that apply)

* 13. Besides survey coordination, do you oversee any other hospital functions?

* 14. If you answered yes to question 12, which hospital functions/departments do you oversee? (Click all that apply)

* 15. What are your credentials? (Click all that apply)

* 16. Have you received a raise within the last 12 months? If so, approximately what percentage of your salary was the increase?

* 17. What type of bonus, if any, are you eligible for? (Select all that apply)

* 18. What is your level of education?