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* 4. What nights of the week and times could you attend Ranya's new series (mid Jan through early March)?

* 5. Which best describes your interest for the mid-Jan. to early March period?

* 6. Which class categories are you interested in?

* 7. How interested are you in each of these topics?

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Egyptian technique clinic: abdominal technique, undulations, jewels, accents
Shimmy Clinic: modern and old-school Egyptian style, layering, adding accents, traveling, and diagnostics for various issues people are having
Baladi: dancing to taqasim baladi and baladi-style songs
Classic Oriental styling
Improvisational skills for Egyptian dance
Performance coaching, preparing for solo performance
Finger cymbals Egyptian-style
Structuring a modern Oriental dance piece

* 8. Ranya will be subbing an intermediate/advanced class at 440 Studios for 4 Thursdays, Jan. 21-Feb.11. This course is $20 drop-in, or class card discounts (available through Bellyqueen). Ranya will also offer her own specialty intermediate/advanced class and coaching during those weeks.
Please indicate your interest for any or all of these time slots:

* 9. Some of the sessions are planned for Ranya's studio in Sunnyside, Queens (very close to the 46 St. local 7 train station). There are two cats who will likely not be in the classroom during class, but they do live here. Do you have a cat allergy or aversion that would cause a problem for you to participate?

* 10. Any other comments or questions for Ranya?