Golden Acorn Award - Do you know an amazing volunteer, a "behind the scenes" volunteer, and/or a "whenever and wherever needed" kind of volunteer that merits recognition?

Outstanding Educator Award - Do you know a staff member you would like to recognize for going above and beyond all expectations to benefit and influence the success of students?

Outstanding Advocate/Student Advocate Award - Are you award of an outstanding advocate committed to working on issues affecting children and youth that deserves to be recognized?

Honorary Life Membership Award - Would you like to honor someone for their significant contributions and service to the growth and development of our PTSA?

Now is your chance! Jackson PTSA would like to recognize individuals who are outstanding volunteers, educators and advocates. Please take a moment to fill out the nomination survey and help PTSA in honoring the best at Jackson high school.
Recipients may receive each of the awards from Jackson PTSA but may not receive the same award more than once over their lifetime of service at Jackson high school.

Past recipients include the following:
Golden Acorn
Erin Havens, Brandi Lind, DeeAnn Williamson, Loran Bond, Shonda Reinikka, Jim Long, Cheryl MacKay, Christa Pederson, Carol Grovesnor, Linda Pazevic, Lisa Steckler, Kathryn Lee, Christa Todd, maddie Korver, Cheri Burkhardt, Shannon Lochrie, Monica Lochrie, Wanda Lehman, Kathi Guffey, Fred Dahlem, Barbara Pennington, Lorrie Hensley, Doris Nodtvedt, Sharon Gibbons, Catherine Gundlach, Pat Riffe, Bonnie Pene, Michelle Tilton, Marianne Allen
Outstanding Educators
Heidi Little, Tami Bruns, marisa Cundy, Alan Briggs, Brian Marshall, Andrew Sevald, Judy-Gail Baker, Stacey Hall, Wendy Organ, Kenneth Walker, Andrea Cartwright, Daniel Geary, Troy Schwenke, Laura Nelson, Beverly Robertson, Lesley Moffat, Jason Gadek, Sheryl Templora (Mason), Bridget Shee, Jennifer Chambers, Bill Moore, Kaye Peterson, Maggie Thorleifson, Tal Anderson, Barb Stolzenburg, Peggy Thesing, Tamora Gower, Graham Hume 
Outstanding Advocate
Lisa Mills, Michelle Nims, Steve Smith, Heidi Reichelt, Terry Cheshire, Jeff Heckatorn
Outstanding Student Advocate
Sarah Christopher
Honorary Life Membership
Denise Constantineau, Linda Pazevic, Kathryn Lee, Pat Hannifin

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