South Carolina Department of Disabilities and Special Needs

The purpose of the Public Forum is to give the public an opportunity to make the Commission aware of issues the administrative staff has been unable to resolve or to express a viewpoint concerning Commission business.  The Commission will listen to the viewpoint expressed but will not respond to the individual(s) at the meeting.  The Commission will direct the State Director to do so within two weeks, if possible.

If you wish to address the Commission at its regular Commission meeting, you must complete the below information. At the appropriate time during the Commission Meeting, you will be called at the phone number provided and recognized by the Commission Chair (Please note, the number provided will only be called twice). Each speaker will only be allowed 3 minutes and not more than 4 individuals.

A maximum of 35 minutes during the regular Commission meeting will be allocated for citizens to speak. Citizens will speak in the order in which the register. In cases of abusive language or of purely personal attacks on staff or Commission members, the Chair may rule the person out of order and require her/him to relinquish the floor. 

PURSUANT to the procedure adopted by the Commission, individuals with legal action pending against SCDDSN may not speak

Administrative Appeals through SCDHHS are excluded

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