Thank you for your participation at Transforming Business 2016. We hope that you got a lot out of the day.  In order for us to improve for next year, we appreciate you taking the time to complete this 9 question survey.

* 1. What was your overall assessment of Transforming Business 2016

* 2. What topics or aspects of Transforming Business 2016 did you find most interesting or useful?

* 3. Did Transforming Business 2016 achieve the outlined objectives of Why, How and What of Business Identity, Brand and Consumer Connection?

* 4. Did the knowledge and information gained from Transforming Business meet your expectations?

* 5. Will the knowledge and information gained from Transforming Business 2016 be useful/applicable in your work?

* 6. How do you think Transforming Business 2016 could have been more effective?

* 7. Please comment on the organisation of the event.

* 8. Comments and suggestions (including activities or initiatives you think would be useful for the future)

* 9. Any other comments?