Kment Elementary - Parent Survey Fall 2017-18

Please answer the following questions.

* 1. Select the name(s) of your child/children's teacher.

* 2. What is the gender of your child/children at Kment Elementary?

* 3. How many of each gender?

* 4. My child's teacher is easy to work with.

* 5. I feel the amount of homework my child receives (including reading a minimum of 100 minutes per week) is:

* 6. My child reads.

* 7. My child gets support from the teacher when asked.

* 8. I am satisfied with the overall quality of my child's education.

* 9. I feel my child is safe at school.

* 10. The school staff informs me about my child's work and/or progress.

* 11. I feel our principal is an effective leader.

* 12. Please list the strengths of the school:

* 13. Please list any suggestions for improvement for the school: