About This Survey

We want to know the characteristics of interactions that matter most to you, that is, the interactions that can make a difference in your life?

Answering these questions will help us understand how to enable you and others to use our site to self-organize as “EcoAllies”:
>  to have the kind of interactions you want,
>  that work in the way you want,
>  when you want!

In this survey, we're focused on these kinds of interactions that take place in real time:
>  face-to-face
>  over the phone (audio)
>  over the Internet (audio and video - Skype, Hangouts, etc.)

We will be asking you about your preferences for:
>  types of interactions (discussion, support, problem-solving)
>  ways of interacting (taking turns, timing turns, number interacting, etc.)
>  times & dates that typically work best for you

Only answer the questions you wish to; you can skip any. This is an anonymous survey, and you are not making any commitments!

20% of survey complete.