* 1. What interests you in the area of music and fitness? This can be either/or and it can be both. What topics interest you? What articles, blog posts, etc. would you be interesting in reading in regards to the topics of music and fitness

* 2. As a musician, what is your most pressing health concern or fear?

* 3. When you hear the term "Musician Health Coach", what images come to mind and what do you think it means?

* 4. How do you think a Musician Health Coach could help you the most?

* 5. Do you think you would ever consider hiring a Musician Health Coach?

* 6. Have you ever considered hiring a personal trainer

* 7. If you have ever considered hiring a personal trainer, what has hindered you from hiring one?

* 8. If you have hired a trainer in the past, what did you like and dislike about the experience and what, if anything, do you think you would have changed? Please be as specific as possible.

* 9. Have you ever visited my webpages or followed me on one or more sites?

* 10. How can I help you the most?