Dear Student - We need your help! Your feedback is very important to us and we will use it to improve our program.

* 1. Please tell us about you!

* 2. Which performance did you attend?

* 3. Is this your first time attending the WBGO Kids Jazz Concert Series?

* 4. Please tell us how satisfied you were with this performance.

* 5. Tell us one thing that you liked about this performance.

* 6. Please tell us if the program impacted you in the following ways: (Check all that apply.)

* 7. Would you like to come to another performance like this?

* 8. What type of music do you listen to for general listening? (Please check all that apply). 

* 9. How do you listen to music?

* 10. Did you attend today's WBGO Kids Jazz Concert Series with an organization/school, parent, both, or nonparent?