In an effort to improve your experience with us, Madison Gas and Electric Company would like to better understand your expectations and preferences. Please submit your responses by July 14, 2017. All responses are kept confidential. Thank you!

* 1. Which contact methods do you use to interact with businesses? (Select all that apply.)

* 2. Which is your preferred method to interact with businesses? (Select one.)

* 3. I would like to pay my MGE bill via the following payment methods. (Select all that apply.)

* 4. Rank the following statements with 1 being Strongly Disagree and 5 being Strongly Agree.

  Strongly Disagree 1 Disagree 2 No Opinion 3 Agree 4 Strongly Agree  5
I prefer to interact with MGE outside of standard business hours (e.g., on the weekend or after 5 p.m.).
Graphs and visuals on my MGE bill would aid in understanding my energy use and cost.
My MGE bill is clear and understandable.
MGE has up-to-date information about my account, payment, and services when I contact them via phone, in-person, or on their website.
I am satisfied with the amount of communication I receive from MGE.

* 5. How likely is it that you would recommend MGE to a friend or colleague?

* 6. In what ways can MGE improve the service we provide?

* 7. MGE is continually aiming to enhance the experience its customers have. If you would like to continue providing improvement opportunities or are interested in joining a focus group to identify ways in which we could improve, please provide your contact information.