Rutland Area NAACP Complaint Process and Prodecure

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If you believe you have experienced discrimination on the basis of race, gender, religion, native origin, sexual orientation or other bases, and you are seeking assistance from The Rutland Area NAACP, please read the following information before the selecting the acknowledgement below.

Filing this form does not constitute filing an official claim with legal authority. At this time, The Rutland Area NAACP is only seeking information to assist you concerning this Complaint.

It is important to know that the investigation/fact finding process requires us to hear both sides of a dispute. Educating the community about civil rights and community building is very important to our mission within the NAACP. It is the goal of our branch to facilitate a conversation between two parties, and whenever possible, mediate/negotiate a resolution that is amenable to both.

There are occasions when individual cases of discrimination can uncover systemic discrimination. That is, discrimination throughout an entire business or other entity. In such a case, The Rutland Area NAACP notifies the Regional NAACP office.

In addition, it is important to understand that The Rutland Area NAACP is a volunteer group. This does not imply that we are attorneys or have judicial authority. Our mission is to provide fact finding, mediation and to identify resources within our community whenever possible.

PLEASE NOTE: We will accept and investigate all complaints we receive; however, the Rutland Area NAACP services are contingent on the availability of funds and volunteers available, and therefore, we must prioritize complaints of paid NAACP members.

By checking the box below, you acknowledge an understanding of The Rutland Area NAACP Complaint Process and Procedure. A Complaint form cannot be processed until the acknowledgment has been selected.