* 1. Did the index page of the website give you a solid idea of what AngularJS is all about?

* 2. What area(s)/topic(s) of the API docs / guides do you find the most difficult to understand?

* 3. What was it that slowed you down when getting started with angularjs.org

* 4. What Organizational and UI-related improvements would you like to see within the docs?

* 5. What other kinds of docs improvements would you like to see?

* 6. Was the tutorial helpful?

* 7. How do you find the code examples?

* 8. What are your thoughts about an interactive tutorial to teach AngularJS (much like try.github.io)?

* 9. What do you think of the overall design of angularjs.org?

* 10. How do you find the speed and performance of the website?

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