1. Beach Runners' Participant Survey

* 1. What is your BIGGEST FRUSTRATION with staying in shape, running, or marathon training?

* 2. How did you first learn about the Beach Runners?

* 3. When did you first join the Beach Runners' Marathon and Half Marathon training program?

* 4. How often have you signed up with the Beach Runners?

* 5. I want to run a marathon or half marathon for these three reasons...

* 6. How old are you?

* 7. Gender?

* 8. What is your Zip Code?

* 9. In which type of event did you join The Beach Runners to participate?

* 10. In my last training program (Beach Runners) or otherwise I...

  what happened
Trained and completed a marathon
Trained but did not complete the marathon
Dropped out of the marathon training
Trained and completed a half marathon
Trained but did complete the half marathon
Dropped out of the half marathon training

* 11. If you did not complete the marathon or training...Why not?

* 12. In regards to your Beach Runner experience, rank the following aspects in order of importance:

  Most important Second most important Third most important Fourth most important Fifth most important Sixth most important Seventh most important
Professional Coaching
Meeting new people
Running by time versus distance
Inclusion of trail running in the program

* 13. In what other marathon training programs have you participated?

* 14. What was your biggest frustration with these other training programs?

* 15. What's the number one thing Beach Runners could do to improve our program in your opinion?

* 16. What would you like the most coaching/instruction on?

  Really necessary for me Somewhat Important Neutral Not so important Could care less about learning this
Trail Running
Running a 5K
Finishing your first half marathon
Mental side of running
Picking good shoes
Interval Training
Qualifying for Boston
Running a 10K
How to enjoy your Running (Recreational Running)
Accomplishing Pace Goals
Where to find other races
Track Workouts
Finishing a certain time goal (like sub five hour marathon)
Doing your first marathon
Injury Prevention
Race Preparation
Learning to use the Metronome
Running Hills
Athletic Wear
Blogging and documenting your experience

* 17. What is the best way for you to learn and be coached?

  Most Effective Effective Sometimes Effective I don't learn this way
Fifteen minute talk by coaches before a run
By reading a book such as ChiRunning
Through a mentor on the run
An interactive exercise you can do at home
In person on a run
Video demonstration
Through an online article
On a teleseminar (coaching call)
By asking questions to the coaches
Group Running/Yoga demonstration by a coach
Coming to a workshop