* 1. First Name

* 2. Last Name

* 3. What is your gender?

* 4. Are you currently an 11th grader?

* 5. Which high school do you currently attend?

To what extent do you agree or disagree with the following statements?

* 6. I can pass the classes I need to graduate from high school.

* 7. I can rely on Fulfillment Fund staff to guide me through the college application process.

* 8. I can get into a 4-year college.

* 9. I can get the money I need to pay for college.

* 10. I can graduate from college and create a successful career for myself.

Please choose ONE answer option for each question.

* 11. My success in college will likely depend on _____________.

* 12. I need to prepare to take the SAT or ACT because _____________.

* 13. The FOCUS of my scholarship essays should be my _____________.

* 14. The MAIN purpose of my letters of recommendation is to provide colleges with _____________.

* 15. I can calculate the amount of financial aid I'll need for college with the following equation:

* 16. I can typically receive the following financial aid as a college applicant:

* 17. I will need to pay back the following types of financial aid:

* 18. I will determine what college major I should choose by ______________.