1. Working with Yelp so far

Welcome to Yelp's advertising program! It's important to Yelp that we begin our client relationships on the right foot. To help us gauge how we've done so far, we'd hugely appreciate it if you would answer the 4 quick questions below. Thank you for your feedback!

* 1. Were you familiar with Yelp before hearing from our Sales Associate?

* 2. In signing up as a Yelp client, you worked with one of our Sales Associates. Please describe that experience by indicating how much you agree with each of these descriptions.

  Completely agree Somewhat agree Not sure Somewhat disagree Completely disagree
My Sales Associate was always pleasant and I enjoyed speaking with him/her.
My Sales Associate was appropriately persistent; calling occasionally to check in but not too much.
My Sales Associate was very helpful in explaining the Yelp program and knowledgeable about advertising in general.

* 3. Since becoming a Yelp client, your Account Manager has contacted you at least once. Please indicate how much you agree or disagree with each of these statements about your first days working with Yelp.

  Completely agree Somewhat agree Not sure Somewhat disagree Completely disagree
I was contacted by a member of the Account Management team within 2 days of my ads starting to run.
I am pleased with how quickly and professionally my new Business Owner's Account and Enhanced Business Page were launched.
My Account Manager has been very pleasant, knowledgeable and responsive. I'm excited to be working with him/her.
I understand how to use my Business Owner's Account to post Special Offers, Message Customers and change my Photos

* 4. Are you aware that being an advertiser does not influence:

  Yes No
...your customer ratings or reviews?
...where your listing appears in Yelp's white, numbered search results?
...the automated review filter, that will likely suppress some of your reviews over time?

* 5. How will you evaluate the success of your Yelp Advertising? (Check all that apply)