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William Paterson University

Project Title: The Perceptions of the Barriers and Benefits of Response to Intervention (RTI) in School Teachers versus SLPs in Schools

Principal Investigator: Rita Gomolinski and Jaime Lavallo

Faculty Sponsor: Dr. Vishwa Bhat

Faculty Sponsor Phone Number: 973-720-3351

Department: Communication Disorders

Course Name and Number: CODS 681-60

Protocol Approval Date: December 18, 2015


INVITATION TO PARTICIPATE:  I am being asked to participate in a research study because I am either a school teacher or school SLP working either directly or indirectly with struggling learners in a public school district.

PURPOSE:  The purpose of this study is to determine how school teachers and SLPs perceive the effectiveness of RTI as an appropriate intervention model that is being implemented in the public schools for struggling learners.

PROCEDURES:  I will complete an approximately 10 minute long survey that will be sent to me via email.  I will record my answers by typing in my responses next to each survey question using the ordinal level of measurement provided.

RISKS:  No emotional or physical risks are involved in this study.  I understand that participating in this study will require approximately 5-15 minutes of my time.

BENEFITS:  Benefits include expanding awareness of the RTI approach and the cohesive process between school professionals.  This study will also add to the general body of knowledge of previous studies about the benefits and barriers to implementing this model.   

COMPENSATION:  There will be no financial compensation for participation in this study.

DATA MANAGEMENT AND DISPOSITION: Information regarding specific subject information will not be recorded into any written analysis of the results and all data will be destroyed following the completion of this study.

CONFIDENTIALITY:  I understand that all information collected in this study will be kept strictly confidential, except as may be required by law.  If any publication results from this research, I will not be identified by name.

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION:  Any significant new findings developed during the course of the study that may relate to the subject's willingness to continue participation will be provided to the subject.  

DISCLAIMER/WITHDRAWAL:  I agree that my participation in this study is completely voluntary and that I may stop completing the survey at any time and I do not have to answer any question(s) I choose not to answer.  

INJURY/COMPLICATIONS:  In the event of an injury resulting from the research procedures, the cost of medical treatment in excess of that covered by third party payers will be provided without cost to me by William Paterson University but additional financial compensation is not available.

SUBJECT RIGHTS:  I understand that if I wish further information regarding this research, my participation, the conduct of the investigators, or my rights as a research subject, I may contact the Office of the Provost and Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs at 973-720-2122. I also understand that if I have any questions pertaining to my participation in this particular research study, I may contact the investigator by calling the telephone number(s) listed at the top of page one. I have been given the opportunity to ask questions and have had them answered to my satisfaction.

CONCLUSION:  I have read and understand the consent form.  I agree to participate in this research study.

***By responding to this email and returning a completed survey, I have thoroughly read all of the above information and agree to participate in this research.