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* 1. Optional- your name:

* 2. Optional- your phone number (required to be eligible for prize)

* 3. Was this your first appointment in our office?

* 4. In which office were you seen for your appointment?

* 5. The receptionist acknowledged my arrival promptly.

* 6. The receptionist was courteous and friendly.

* 7. Scheduling my appointment on the phone was quick and easy.

* 8. Contacting the office by phone was easy.

* 9. The scheduler answered the phone in a pleasant tone and identified herself by name.

* 10. I was able to find the office using directions supplied by my doctor.

* 11. The scheduler informed me of directions from the website www.dcmfm.com.

* 12. The scheduler informed me of the billing/financial policies of the practice.

* 13. The waiting room was clean and comfortable.

* 14. Once here, I was taken back for my appointment in a timely manner.

* 15. The genetic counselor introduced herself/himself and explained why I was scheduled for genetic counseling.

* 16. The genetic counselor explained my risk factors and the testing options available to me in a way that was easy to understand.

* 17. The genetic counselor answered all of my questions/concerns to my satisfaction.

* 18. Overall, I feel that the genetic counseling session was helpful to me.

* 19. The sonographer was friendly and helpful.

* 20. The ultrasound exam room was clean and comfortable.

* 21. The sonographer explained the exam and answered my questions.

* 22. The physician introduced herself/himself and explained the results of my exam.

* 23. All of my questions and concerns were addressed to my satisfaction.

* 24. I was rescheduled/checked out quickly and efficiently.

* 25. The staff seemed very interested in delivering great customer service.

* 26. Overall, I would rate my experience at the Delaware Center for Maternal and Fetal Medicine of Christiana Care as:

* 27. If there were one thing we could change to make your experience better, what would it be:

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