Faith & Spirituality Survey

Faith & Spirituality means different things to all of us, so the Faith & Spirituality Team is working to ensure that your needs are being met here at RDLUC. We would like to know what sort of programs, events, discussions or get togethers you would like to take part in that you feel would inform, investigate, challenge and grow your personal sense of faith and spirituality. What can we do to meet those needs? What would you like to see changed? Please indicate the option that best describes your interest for each of the current programs listed below and any comments you would like to make about that program:

* 1. Faith & Coffee

* 2. Kidz Zone

* 3. Youth Group

* 4. Lenten Book Club

* 5. Spiritual Direction

* 6. Metaphysical Monday's

* 7. What type of programs or workshops would be of interest to you for your faith development and spiritual growth? For any of your ideas please indicate the preferred frequency (ie: weekly, monthly, quarterly, one-time).

* 8. Let's come together to engage and grow our faith and spirituality. Your voice is important. We look forward to hearing from you.

Name (Optional):