Session Details

* 1. What is the working title for your session?

Not sure what the title is yet? Check out this AP Style Guide article about how to write a compelling title.

* 2. Please provide a brief abstract. 

Not sure how to write a compelling abstract? Check out this Harvard Business Review article about crafting a pitch.

* 3. Who is the intended audience and what will be the key takeaways or learning outcomes?

For those organizing or delivering a conference session, check out this Inc. article on how to engage your audience!

* 4. We intend to have sessions of both 60 and 90 minutes in length. How long will your session last?

If you are proposing a panel of three (3) speakers, we recommend a session of 90 minutes. A 60 minute time slot is ideal for a single speaker.

Note: all attempts will be made to accommodate session length requests, but it might not always be possible

* 5. Is this program session being proposed on behalf of a SIG or committee?

Note: SIGs and Committees are not guaranteed a program session, but if your proposal is accepted, we will promote the connection.

* 6. Please select your desired room set up: