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Hello and thanks for taking part in our survey.

This survey is part of the Other Ways of Learning project to find out what affects Drums 4 Peace projects are having on participants. We will publish the results of the survey in an online document on this website in August 2008.

Please answer as honestly as you can.

Thank you,

Other ways of Learning Team

1. Where are you from?

2. What gender are you?

3. What Age?

4. In which Drums 4 Peace Youth Exchange/s have you participated?

5. How successful do you think Drums 4 Peace is in achieveing the following aims?

  Very Successful Quite Successful Not Very Successful Not At All Successful
Influencing Decision Makers
Sharing and Disseminating Examples of Best Practice
Realizing our own power and potential
Learning from each other through training events
Improving Intercultural Understanding and Dialogue
Developing Skills of Expression
Allowing us to Experience a Variety of Art Forms
Including young people that are disadvantaged and vulnerable

6. How and in what way has the experience of participating in D4P been important to you in your life?

  Very Important Quite Important Not Very Important Not At All Important
Helped me enjoy life more
Learnt about myself
Brought me closer to the person I want to be
Made new friends
Made me judge other people less
Learnt new skills
Brought me closer to my own culture
Made me judge myself less
Made me more employable
Helped me to be a better person
Brought me closer to my friends
Increased my confidence
Made me feel more European
Made me feel better about myself
Learnt about other cultures
Brought me closer to my family

7. In what other way has participating in Drums 4 Peace projects been important to you in your life?