This survey is meant for two groups of developers:
* Developers still using "legacy" versions of Delphi, that is Delphi 7 or older versions (like Delphi 6 and Delphi 5) for at least some of their project. Whenever you read "Delphi 7", consider "Delphi 7 or any earlier version".
* Developers still using Delphi 2007 (or Delphi 2006, or Delphi 2005), which are the last pre-Unicode versions of Delphi. Whenever you read "Delphi 2007", consider "Delphi 2007 or immediately previous versions", after Delphi 7.

* 1. Do you actively use Delphi 7 (or earlier) for your current application development?

* 2. What percentage of your development time is spent in Delphi 7 (or similar)?

* 3. Do you actively use Delphi 2007 (or the 2005/2006 versions) for your current application development?

* 4. What percentage of your development time is spent in Delphi 2007 (or similar)?

* 5. Beside old Delphi versions do you also use a more recent version of Delphi for some of your projects? If so, which is the version you are using most?

* 6. Which is the latest version of Delphi for which you own a license?

* 7. What are the primary reasons you cannot move projects forward from Delphi 7 or Delphi 2007?

* 8. Are your projects based on the BDE? Consider your most relevant Delphi projects (still on an old version) and select only the option(s) that are significant (applicable to over 30% of your users)

* 9. (If you answered yes to the question above) How many customer installations (internal and external) are running with Paradox / DBase tables?

* 10. Specifically, which change in Delphi (compiler, RTL, VCL, database access) is blocking your migration? Enter all the relevant ones...

* 11. Specifically, which third party components are blocking your migration (if any)? Enter the names of all of the components (and the respective companies, if you know them) that are blocking you?

* 12. Did you or your company try migrating projects (finding big obstacles) or evaluated the problems and never tried the actual porting?

* 13. If you have considered or are considering migrating (or have migrated some of your old projects), which were the most important reasons for undergoing the effort?

* 14. If you decided not to migrate, which of these factors played out a role in the decision, if any?

* 15. In case you decided to migrate to XE5, what would you consider preferable among these options:

* 16. And, finally, can you name new features we could add to Delphi to convince to migrate to the latest version?