Thank you for your interest in being part of the Boreas Student Advisory Team (BSAT). Please fill out the form below to get involved. Depending on interest, space may be limited or additional teams may be formed. The team is open to UMN graduate and professional students and post-docs from any college or discipline. The application is due May 1, 2017. Email if you have any questions. Team meetings will be scheduled when the team has been formed. You will be notified by mid-May about the team. Those selected will be invited to a social event with other Boreas students in mid-May. You can expect to meet 1-2 times per month during the academic year.

* 1. First Name

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* 3. Email Address (use @umn email)

* 4. Home College (e.g. CLA, CFANS, Humphrey School, CEHD, etc.)

* 5. Degree pursuing (e.g. JD, MPA, PhD). If you are a post-doctoral fellow, write that here.

* 6. In what month and year do you expect to graduate?

* 7. Why are you interested in being part of the Boreas Student Advisory Team?

* 8. How are you currently involved in environmental leadership or leadership generally?

* 9. Write a short description of your studies, research, or post-doctoral work. Write this for a general audience.

* 10. How do would you like the Boreas Student Advisory Team to contribute to your personal and professional development and goals?
This question will help us tailor programming to meet the group's needs.

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