We welcome your input on the type of leader Waterford Kamhlaba should seek.

Please provide your feedback using the following categories. For each category, we give examples. These examples are not meant to guide or limit your input, just to help you understand the kind of feedback we are seeking. Please feel free to offer any suggestion you think is important.

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* 1. What traits (attributes) do you think the Principal should have?

By traits, we mean the inclinations, aptitudes and natural tendencies, as well as personal characteristics, a person has. Examples of traits/attributes are assertiveness, empathy, openness to input, logic, fairness, confidence, risk taking, and adaptability.

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* 2. What competencies do you think the Principal should have?

By competencies, we mean the skills and behaviors required for success. Examples are public speaking, administration, collaboration, decision making, global perspective, strategic planning, ensuring accountability, listening skills, managing conflict, cultivating innovation, and developing talent.

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* 3. What experiences do you think the Principal should have?

By experiences, we mean past assignments or roles that would prepare a person to be successful in their role. Examples are roles within an education setting, fund raising, leading a complex organisation, overhauling a critical process, transforming an organisation's environment, working in a geographic region or culture, and working with youth.

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* 4. What other factors do you think we should seek in the next Principal?

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