2017 Pennsylvania MESA Engineering Challenge

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Temple University policy requires all adults age 18+  to comply with Pennsylvania laws mandating background clearances for all programs serving minor children that are hosted on campus.   Please check the box below certifying your school's teacher or assigned MESA coach has provided current (2015) proof of clearances.   Should you need assistance updating your clearances, the following resources are available.  Please forward copies or a statement of clearance certification on school letterhead to albert.l.tielebein@temple.edu.

(1)  Pennsylvania's Child Abuse Clearance now uses a "rapid response" system including taking online payments ($10)  and comes back quickly via email: https://www.compass.state.pa. us/cwis/public/home
(2) Pennsylvania's State Police Criminal Background Check (PATCH) takes online payments ($10) with a quick response via email: https://epatch.state.pa.us/Home.jsp

(3) FBI fingerprinting costs about $30 - use the PDE option.  Once you are in the site, please choose the Register Online link.

https://www.pa.cogentid.com/ index.htm

* 6. I certify I and/or my assigned teacher is in compliance with PA laws regarding clearances required to maintain contact with minor children.   If not, we agree to complete and provide copies of clearances or a statement of certification to Temple University demonstrating compliance prior to participating in campus based STEM activities.