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Measuring Educational Quality & Accountability, or MEQA, is a project aimed at providing support to the schools, districts, charter school authorizers, and state education agencies that educate the nations most disengaged and disenfranchised youth--with the ultimate goal of increasing the number of quality schools available to help bring these student back into the fold.

Different organizations refer to these youth in a number of ways--high-risk youth, at-promise youth, opportunity youth or more generally as drop-outs or out-of-school youth. Regardless of your preferred reference, we are talking about students and young people that are either already out of school without a completion certificate of any kind or those that are at the highest risk of dropping out of the educational system.

This survey was designed for schools with an explicit mission to serve this population of youth. We know that in this era of high-stakes accountability and the "college for all" mindset, mainstream measurements of achievement and growth are not well suited to tell the students' and schools' stories of success and have put schools serving this population of youth at high risk of being sanctioned (through the federal turnaround process) or even closed down. This survey will ask questions about the students served at your school as well as collecting information about the mission of your school and practices around enrolling students and measuring their skill levels and growth--both academically and non-academically.

The survey will take approximately 20-25 minutes to complete and will provide valuable information, allowing the MEQA team to prioritize project goals. The next step (once funding is procured) will be to collect student-level assessment and survey data to analyze for the typical level of "performance" and growth. Armed with a robust, national set of data MEQA will conduct analysis informing all stakeholders on typical results for schools. Thus allowing districts, authorizers, and state agencies to accurately set rigorous, yet realistic and relevant expectations of accountability for schools like yours.

In gratitude,

Jody Ernst, MEQA Project Lead
Jim Griffin, President, Momentum Strategy & Research
Linda Dawson, President, RAPSA


the MEQA Advisory Board
Caprice Young
Chris Busse
Ernie Silva
Naomi DeVeaux
Nelson Smith
Ronald Rizzo
William Toomey