About You and Your Organization

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* 1. Tell me about you . . .

* 2. Please rate your own personal skills in these areas . . .

  Weak Needs Improvement Just OK Good Strong
graphic design
website design
producing video
managing a Facebook page
managing a Twitter account
asking for help from others
public speaking
planning out campaigns weeks or months ahead
managing your time day to day
networking with other nonprofits
seeing the big picture
managing the little details

* 3. Why do you want or need to be a part of this program?

* 4. Tell me about your organization . . . leave it blank if it doesn't apply

* 5. What are some of your nonprofit's primary marketing challenges?

* 6. How many people are responsible for marketing your organization?

* 7. The cost of the mentoring program is $500/month for six months, or $2500 in advance. You will also need to dedicate at least two hours/week to get the most out of the program. What level of support do you have today for your participation in this mentoring program?

* 8. Anything else you want to add? This is the last formal question, but there are some fun, optional questions on the next page.