Dear Entrepreneur,

This survey is part of a research conducted within “MENTEE: Mentoring, Networking and Training for European Entrepreneurs”, a transnational project co-funded by the European Commission.
INnCREASE (Poland) is coordinating the project in partnership with European organizations based in Portugal, Greece, Italy and United Kingdom.
Entrepreneurship and the development of an entrepreneurial spirit among European citizens are considered a priority, particularly nowadays if we consider that unemployment rates has hit historic highs across many EU countries. Although aspiring and young entrepreneurs are already benefitting from several initiatives already carried out across Europe looking into boosting entrepreneurship, they are in need of a more favourable, promotive and lasting environment for business ideas to flourish.
Aware of this, MENTEE project aims to:
► provide a constant mentoring scheme to young entrepreneurs who either are involved or have recently participated in the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program as well as young entrepreneurs of the countries involved in the project
► adapt and further develop a blended learning model (face-to-face and virtual) to meet the needs of young entrepreneurs, promoting entrepreneurship education
► provide a networking platform to enhance a peer interaction among entrepreneurs (potential, young, experienced) and foster their business ideas through further e-learning opportunities and business connections
► develop a news aggregator and content curation platform for young entrepreneurs experiences around Europe
Thus, the main goal of this survey that will be conducted in Poland, Italy, Greece, Portugal and United Kingdom is to identify the key competences required to successful entrepreneurship models.

We would much appreciate if you could answer the following survey, as your contribution is extremely important and valuable to us. Your answers will be treated confidentially and they will be used by the internal project team only.

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