Please complete this post-survey following your participation in the Building a Culture of Writing Professional Learning Series. Your responses will be used to help us evaluate the effectiveness of this professional learning opportunity. Thank you for your feedback!
Please check the box to indicate your level of confidence.  In your role, you are able to:

* 1. Plan, model, and implement effective strategies to support students with building strategic writing behaviors.

* 2. Use assessment data to plan and guide individualized writing instruction.

* 3. Provide instruction that supports students with adjusting their approach to different writing types. (i.e., informational/informative, opinion/argumentative, narrative).

* 4. Provide instruction that supports students' ability to synthesize information from multiple texts and explain their understanding of key concepts and ideas.

* 5. Implement instructional strategies to support students with analyzing, evaluating, and responding to text across disciplines.

* 6. Support students with accessing, exploring, analyzing, and creating digital text.

* 7. Integrate a variety of visual mediums (paintings, photographs, sculptures, etc.) to support instruction.

* 8. At the beginning of the series, you were asked to identify a class or group of students and record their performance levels in the area of writing. Using recent benchmark data or student writing samples, record the number or percentage of students performing at each level: beginning, developing, proficient or distinguished. Do not list any student names in this section.

Beginning: 27%
Developing: 39%
Proficient: 21%
Distinguished: 13%

* 9. Did you meet the professional goal you set for yourself at the beginning of the series?

* 10. What session(s) did you find most helpful?

* 11. Which tier(s) did you participate in throughout the series. (check all that apply)

* 12. What suggestions would you offer to improve your learning experience?