As you are approaching the completion of your first half term, we would like to receive your initial impressions of life at Bishopston. Please respond honestly to help inform our future planning and to provide suitable support where necessary.

* 1. I am

* 3. Code Letter/Number (e.g. B12 - to be provided by your teacher)

* 4. I'm proud of my school

* 5. I'm treated fairly

* 6. I feel safe at school

* 7. I know the school rules

* 8. I follow the school rules

* 9. Bullies are dealt with efficiently by staff

* 10. I respect my teachers

* 11. I am happy at school

* 12. Teachers help me learn what is right and wrong

* 13. I learn about other peoples' beliefs and cultures

* 14. I understood what was expected of me when I came to Bishopston in September

* 15. Teachers respect my views

* 16. People listen seriously to any concerns I may have

* 17. My parents ask me about what goes on in school

* 18. My parents think the school is a good school

* 19. I understand why I should attend school regularly

* 20. If I have a problem I know someone will help me at school

* 21. My teachers help me with my work

* 22. A wide choice of food is served in the school canteen

* 23. My form prefect/buddy helps me if I have a problem

* 24. I feel I belong at the school

* 25. I respect others at school

* 26. Pupils get on well with each other

* 27. I treat other people fairly

* 28. I can talk confidently with members of staff

* 29. I am asked for my views about the school

* 30. I have plenty of good books and resources available to me

* 31. I enjoyed the school production - 'Hairspray'

* 32. I know what extra curricular-activities are available to me

* 33. The school has up to date equipment which helps me learn

* 34. Meeting my form tutor on the induction day was helpful

* 35. I know and understand our school motto

* 36. Identify three things that would make Bishopston a better school

* 37. The one thing I value most about my new school is.

* 38. The three things I value most about my school are:

Thank you for completing this evaluation. Your views are valued. Please remember to press DONE before exiting Internet Explorer.