1. Welcome to the Proposed Research Information Form for MDRS 2016-2017

This form is intended to gather the critical information needed to elaborate on your qualifications to be a crew member and evaluate any proposed research/demonstration project to be conducted at MDRS. It should provide concrete details on what, where, when, why and how for your project. Do not submit vague descriptions of an idea or outlines of possibilities. This is a concrete, specific PROJECT. Without details, we cannot evaluate its viability or appropriateness for MDRS. If you only have an idea, then do the work to make that idea into a project and provide the required information. ALL project proposals are due UPON APPLICATION. In prior years, proposals were due as little as two weeks before a team arrived. This no longer the case. Deviations to proposal submission deadlines must be arranged with the MDRS Director prior to MDRS application. 
         You will need to fill out a separate PRIF for EACH project you wish to conduct. Additional submissions may be allowed before the season starts. Please re-enter the survey for EACH proposal you are submitting. If you do not exit and re-enter, it will over-write your original data. If two members on the same team will be working on the same proposal, do NOT submit duplicate proposals. Do not combine different activities in the same proposal. This is not a form to document everything YOU intend to do while at MDRS; it's a form detailing a specific activity/project to be done. A project to take photos using the observatory should be separate from a proposal to share those photos in an outreach activity. Enter the names of your teammate in the appropriate place. You must choose a primary investigator to be the contact person for each PROJECT. That person fills out the PRIF. NOTE: Commanders, please do not list yourselves as the PI for projects to be conducted by team members. They are the PI. The contact information should be of the person doing the project.

The proposal review process is a two phase process. The first phase is a high level evaluation of the proposal as part of the evaluation of the crew member application by the MDRS Selection Committee.THIS form is for BOTH the initial application for selection AND subsequent review by the RST. Its informativeness will affect the likelihood of selection. Selection to be a crew member does not constitute approval of the research project. Further review by the RST will be required for approval of the research project once you have been selected.

The second phase is an in-depth evaluation of the same proposal by the Remote Science Team (RST) ONCE YOU HAVE BEEN SELECTED to be a crew member. This in-depth evaluation will focus on 1) the relevance of the project to Mars, 2) the feasibility of the project to be conducted at MDRS (see guidelines for limitations and requirements listed below and available as a handout), and 3) the scientific value of the project as proposed. Notice the order of these requirements: Relevance, Safety, Science. For proposals with only a few critical details missing, the RST may ask questions via email. Prompt response with the additional information is critical! Failure to respond promptly will delay your review and may result in a disqualification of the proposal at some point. Any negotiated modifications or changes will be incorporated into the Final Proposal Document  you will fill out UPON APPROVAL (separate form with link that will be provided later). Until the proposal is approved, your research project cannot be conducted. Proposals that are completely inadequate will be disapproved without further review.

* 1. Primary Investigator's full name:

* 2. Contact Information:

* 3. What is your Crew Number or Name (if known)?

* 4. What is the name of the person who will be the commander of your group?

* 5. What is the email address of the person who will be the commander of your group?

* 6. Project Information:

* 7. Please list any crewmembers from your team that will be collaborating on this project:

* 8. Does this project involve collaborating with other crewmembers from a different team?