In 2019, the Banyule Council Arts and Youth Service teams will be working together to support young people interested in Creative Arts!
This exciting opportunity will include Mentoring, Training, Exhibitions and Performance Opportunities throughout the year across Banyule.

Before it kicks off..  We are on the hunt for a theme for the project.  That’s where you come in!

Share an idea (it could be a word or sentence) that you think would make for a great THEME for the project.
Think of something that represents young people and may be fun for an artist to explore in their work.

Consider themes such as GROWING OLDER, CHANGE, FUN & FREEDOM..  The list goes on!  All ideas will be appreciated :)

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* 1. What is your idea for a theme?

If you are interested in going into the draw for a $50 Gift Card to say thanks for sharing your idea, then please write your name and your email or phone number below.  Winners will be contacted by the end of April.

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* 4. Would you like to be get kept informed about this Arts Project in the future?  Simply check the box below if so